Shape and Size Guide

Measure Your Nails
1. Hold your measure tab on the widest point of your nail from left side to the other side, please measure several times to make sure you can get the correct measurement.
2. Write down the measurement of each nail, and find the size number in your desired shape. If your couldn't find the perfect fit nail size, then you can choose the closest bigger size to yours, then you can file down a little bit before wearing. Please do not choose the size that is smaller to your natural nails.
We don't change the length of the nails.
Sizing Sample Pack
If you want to skip the hassle of measuring your nails or afraid of measuring incorrectly, our Sizing Sample Pack is perfect for you. You'll be able accurately size your nails by trying on all the sizes we offer in your choice of shape. You can either to purchase the shape that you want individually, or you can order full shapes sizing sample pack for your multiple needs.